About Us

As a photographer, I have had the opportunity of visiting and capturing images of many unique and beautiful locations. Eyeonlocation was born after realizing it would be great to showcase all of these locations in one immersive, interactive environment. After discovering 360° photography, I saw the potential in using this medium in particular to link the various locations. Now I could share my experiences and bring the viewer into these amazing environments: and giving them the opportunity to literally take a look around. Eyeonlocation is designed to give users a full screen, interactive, location based experience. Bringing together traditional photography, 360° tours and videos, we hope to breathe life back into the images. To achieve this I teamed up with my brother, Stefan von Fintel, IOS and web developer. Our main goal was to create an easy to navigate interface;one where the viewer is captured by a sense of exploration and not distracted by an information overload of pop ups and links. With more tours, photos and videos added regularly, it will be a dynamic, constantly growing resource, available not only to desktop users, but also to the rapidly expanding mobile market.

What's Coming Next

Once the site is fully launched, users will be able to navigate to their desired location through a search functionality.

The following is also in development:

  • Apps for IOS, Windows Mobile and Android devices
  • An information tab for each tour, photo and video
  • A blog for user participation
  • Direct links to the home pages, of showcased hospitality locations

Meanwhile, welcome to the site, dive in and take a look around! If you would like to be notified on any updates, please click on the subscribe link. We welcome any feedback you might have. We are always open to new ideas on how we can further improve the site for you and others.

For further information on the photography or hospitality app development, please email: info(at)eyeonlocation.com

Let us take you there!
Heiko von Fintel